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Nov 16, 2022 · NovelAI is perfectly capable of generating characters' buttocks, while not really good at character interactions, it's still possible to create "butt out images"; using this site.<br /> <br /> However, it's entirely impossible for this site to spontaneously generate &quot;red bottoms&quot;, the results are always pale and un-spanked..

Web. I chose a prompt which is very open for interpretation for NovelAI to allow it more creative freedom and not influence it too much. { { { {______}}}}, portrait of a woman, masterpiece portrait, gentle smile. Model used is NAI Diffusion Anime (Full), Steps 28, Scale 11, Quality Tags On, Seed 454947223, Undesired Content Low Quality + Bad Anatomy..

The NovelAI Diffusion Anime image generation experience is unique and tailored to give you a creative tool to visualize your visions without limitations, allowing you to paint the stories of your imagination. Use tags to define the visual characteristics of your character or composition (or you can let AI interpret your words if you prefer!).

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